Monday, August 20, 2012

Tool 9

It is important to speak the language of the digital natives. If they destroy our technology it is costly and very difficult to replace.  Technology is good for everyone to know and use.  The world is moving fast and we have to keep the students up to date with technology.  That is the way the world moves these days.  Students need to learn to take care of the technology that we have so it is available for all to use.  It is responsibility.  All the apps were geared towards the core subjects and we have all groups from 6-8 and low to high groups in our class.  We could not use one station for our classes.  When it comes to apps we could use on our IPod, I would pick discovery channel, BMI, and maybe calorie counter.  All of them could be in a station.  Maybe they would have to write their answers on a piece of paper to make sure they use it for what it is suppose to be used for as well as keeping the stations limited to time.  Other ways we could use them is for incentives to play games or doodle or even music.

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